Who We Are

We love coding and delivering innovative services. The vast and continuously emerging digital world makes us feel insatiable desire to improve ourselves to develop innovative solutions. With this purpose in mind, we, a highly experienced and diversified team, are aiming to melt the innovation and experience successfully in the same pot.

The 3pounds Team

Our Motto is Tech

Not only keeping close watch on the latest digital developments, but also taking an active role in the continuous tech improvements is our motto and primary objective. We use this crucial opportunity to touch on every moment of our customers’ daily lives.



Our Services

With our diversified team and proactive approach, we offer the following services


We are totally aware of the importance of a simple yet effective and interactive design, keeping always in mind that the success of a software is heavily based around the user experience.


Interpretation to deduce meaningful inferences from collected and analyzed numerical data. We believe that both qualitative and quantitative data analyses are ideal for making data-driven market decisions for sustainable success.


Compatibility, scalability, adaptability and high-quality are key standards for any software developed by our diversified and highly talented dev team.


Digitalization, improving efficiency, consistency and quality in every division in business, renews the processes and models supported by IT. Well planned digital transformation journey is the key to catch the day and finally to achieve success.


Businesses face different complex issues, solution of which generally is not addressed by standard products. In such cases, we believe that the tailor-made custom approach is the key to success.


Sound experience on native or cross-platform mobile application development. Building native apps for set top boxes such as Apple TV or Android TV. Loosely-coupled SDK and library development for the mobile world.


Consulting plays a vital role in management, implementation and administration of the IT environment in any business. We believe the apropos consultancy is crucial to avoid future challenges and to evenly distribute the skill sets and expertise.


The digital world continuously emerges, so does the digital approach to different problems. By staying abreast of the latest improvements, we help you save costs and make your company become more flexible and innovative.


Knowledge without action is wastefulness and action without knowledge is foolishness.


Why Choose Us?


Extensive knowledge distributed in wide range of experise areas, always working in harmony


To improve efficiency and effectiveness, we implement emerging disruptive services

Code Quality

Apprehensible, readable code with right naming conventions ensuring quality by certain predefined rules provide us to adhere to industry standards

Highly Experienced

Consisting of highly experienced development team members in their area of study


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